Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seen Around Midtown: Hufft Showhouse

While walking to Roanoke Park one day, I noticed a strange house (i.e. one with unusual architecture) being built next to my landlord's house (which I always pass on the way there). It has since been finished & I went back to take pictures.

A sign out front designated it as a show house, and listed a web address for more info.

Helpful sign

The website says this about the house:
The aptly named 'Showhouse' is a project showcasing the full range of capabilities and services offered by Hufft Projects and its brother company, Make Studios. Hufft Projects will perform all the design and contracting services and Make Studios will execute all of the interior finishes, furniture, cabinetry, and ornamental metal work on the project.

The home is located in the historic Roanoke Neighborhood of Kansas City. Designing a residence in a historic neighborhood presents opportunities to marry new and modern design with the overall aesthetic of the existing neighborhood. The design of the 'Showhouse' is meant to both stand out and fit in with this historic setting.
You can read more here. It was clearly written before the house was built, and the image they show is a computer-generated one:

My landlords had mentioned that Matthew Hufft, the architect, is the one who designed the house and who currently lives in it. Seems pretty neat, except that, having recently been to an event at my landlords' place, and seeing how they're landscaping the backyard with rocks, metal and concrete, I can't help feeling it's a bit soulless.

What do you think? Compare the show house to the houses behind me in yesterday's self-portrait:

Day 312 of my 365 self-portrait project

Which do you prefer? Or do you like both, maybe...?

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Hyperblogal said...

I like the design but, not unlike some of the houses on the west side that were altered, not sure it fits with the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I do like how it overall shape and presence of a front porch help it fit in with the neighborhood, but I can't quite get behind the color or texture of the exterior. Maybe a limestone color would blend in better.

Overall it does a much better job of fitting a modern house into an historic neighborhood than the Dwell-chasing portfolio pieces on the Westside.

TKC=Sad Clown said...

I like the show house. I'd like to see the inside.