Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Event Pics: 2011 Chalk & Walk Festival

By the time I'd arrived at Crown Center Saturday, the Chalk & Walk was already hopping....

and my friend Amy (who I happily was placed next to this year) and her crew were hard at work:

I got started with the outlining, which I always forget takes quite a bit of time!

If you forgot, I was drawing an image from the movie Pan's Labyrinth:

Barnes & Noble on the Plaza sponsored my space this year, which was appropriate since she was reading in the picture.

My friend Darcy assisted me Saturday since Matt was working:

It was hot, dirty work, as usual, but we moved along pretty quickly.

This is what we had by the end of Saturday:

I was disappointed by how bland the colors seemed against the brick, and knew that Sunday would be all about adding shading, making the colors more vibrant, and finishing off the last bits of the image.

Luckily, Matt and Darcy were able to help Sunday! And happily, the rain hadn't washed much away since we'd covered it the night before.

I used warm tones to brighten up the sunlight coming in through the windows, because just using white, like in the movie, wasn't working at all:

Matt finished off the background tiles for me, which I was grateful for:

Then, sooner than I'd expected, we were done!

Happy to be finished!

There were lots of lovely creations this year:

My friend Nicole's unfinished drawing

My friend Natalie's drawing

Drawing by a 14 year-old girl

My friend Amy's nearly-finished Koi fish

Also some performers showed up:

There was also a guy walking around dressed as/talking like Batman for both days. I have no idea how he survived. Each day I nearly swooned from heat exhaustion (I'd start to stand and suddenly the world would start tilting away from me) and I wasn't wearing nearly as much clothing as he was!

If you attended, which drawings did you like best?

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Joe Pontillo said...

Yours came out spectacularly well. Congratulations!

Aleksandra Orin said...

Wow. I always want to paint like this!

sandstorm said...

Wow you are very talented! I must say the Goonies one and the Koi carp drawings have got to be my favourite. Me personally would struggle to draw a stick man! Congratulations are your brilliant work though.

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May said...

Thanks Joe, Alesandra & sandstorm :)