Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Event Pics: Empowered Art, NOW Benefit

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Scarlett Garnet for the Equally Empowered Art! Show. It was a blast :)

My peacock painting on the wall with the other silent auction pieces.

My second oldest brother brought me this lil Menchi.
(It's from one of my favorite animes: Excel Saga).

My other paintings & my friend Amy's prints!

Me & Amy!

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elBryan said...

Good show, May. Are you going to the chalk walk this year? April 23-24.

May said...

Oh yeah... I'm glad you reminded me about that. I'll have to go submit my artist's application :)

Byron said...

Hi, May. I just read your book, "Truth, Love, Blood & Bones". I especially enjoyed "Monsters of Malcontent." Are we related? :)

May said...

Byron, Thank you so much for reading my book!!! It's interesting that you'd mention that specific poem. I read it out loud to a group for the first time yesterday and got very emotional.