Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Create Your Own Reality Celebrates 3 Years!

Create Your Own Reality is a monthly meet-up group that I co-organize with my friend @darcybl. March was its 3 year anniversary and we celebrated it by having an outdoor meet-up at the JC Nichols Fountain.

I had fun drawing with old friends & making new ones. I enjoyed watching how everyone from little kids to their grandparents were excited to pick up chalk and write/draw something.

Since the International Pillow Fight was scheduled to happen in the same place later that day, we had lots of people walking around before hand, and several of them stopped to create with us.

my completed drawing

I didn't stay for the pillow fight (since I'd been nursing a pulled shoulder/neck all week), but my friend Kris covered it on The Yellow Brick Road Trip, so you can read all about it.

And be sure to join us for our April event at Stone Spirit Lodge where we'll be partnering with MOCSA, making art against sexual violence.

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