Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vlog: May's Recent Art Projects

Yesterday I made a fairly spazzy video about my recent art projects. I have a hard time remembering to keep the camera pointed the right way... and you have to watch the whole thing b/c I know nothing about video editing and apparently I'm too lazy (or busy) to learn. X_x

(Click here to see embedded video)

I feel like this lasts FOREVER, but it's some pretty fun stuff, huh?

In other creative news, I posted on FB recently, asking my artist friends if they wanted to dress me up as a way of collaborating with me for my 365 self-portrait project. My friend Nicole said she wanted to copycat this image:

So yesterday after I made the above video, she had me wear this great dress, wig and cape (since it's cold again here) and took me to a local park. Then she parked her car and I used it for a tripod, hitched up my skirts and ran in my big boots up the hill, turned around and strode forward just in time for the timer to go off. Then I repeated it a few more times, but I ended up liking the first one best:

Day 240

If you're a local artsy person who'd like to collaborate, e-mail me at reddvenus AT gmail DOT com.

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patientanonymous said...

Hi hon,

I love the video! I've often thought of doing one, but in the past, it was NO WAY am I letting people see my face! I'm anonymous! However, over time, pieces of my "anonymity" have leaked out a bit. At least in terms of what I look like!

Bishounen PA! *laughs and shakes Bishounen bed head*

Pushing that all aside, what the hell would I say! I'd probably just mumble a lot about nothing.

So, totally creative! Great ideas and so much variation! I don't know what to say as I'm not an "art critic." Although I did "review," your book hehe.

But here's a question for you. Do you find that any/most/all artists stick to the same or only a few different medium/media?

I mean, a painter may work with several different types of paint, of course. Some artists may "dabble," in painting and photography. Maybe throw in some writing, too?

However, it looks like you do some stuff that is all over (meant in a good way.)

I look at it and say to myself, "Nope. Not the stuff I could do! Then again, maybe May could inspire me!" It's amazing what can possibly transpire when you're surrounded by other artists.

May said...

Sorry for the late response, PA. I wanted to answer when I wasn't totally distracted by other stuff.

So, here goes!

I'm glad you like the video. I felt very shy about posting it since I think I look like a spaz and a dork in it >.<

In answer to your question, I find that there are kind of two ways artists go re: medium. There's the kind that sticks with one medium, but may occasionally play with others for fun. And the rest of us just do whatever delights or whimsy.

I think you should totally start making visual art. I did it as a lark and it's turned into such a positive and fun thing in my life :)

love ya sweetie!