Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thing a Day 2011 Wrap-Up

Yesterday marked the last day of February and the last day of Thing A Day 2011. Here's a review of what I made over the last 28 days. I'm only going to post photos of my favorites so this thing doesn't end up being longer than my leg. You can click through to find my Thing A Day post for each day; each has a picture or two and a few comments about what I made.

Day 1 I made a skirt out of a dress that didn't fit me anymore.
Day 2 I made a collage:

On Day 3 I painted a cork like a mushroom and put it with some rocks on a lil jewelry box:

Day 4 I made a big crazy necklace.
Day 5 I made a necklace out of some embroidery floss and some washers.

Day 6 I drew a little something something:

On Day 7 I made a Valentine's card for my darling.
Day 8 I painted:

I spent Days 9 & 10 making another painting:

On Day 11 I made a birthday/Valentine's card for my mom, whose birthday is on V-day.
Day 12 I made a vision board.
Day 13 I made a black bean, potato and quinoa soup - an original recipe.
On Valentine's Day I practiced the art of flower arrangement.
On Day 15 made a few rings, a necklace & a painting cause it was Create Your Own Reality night!

Day 16 I hit the 200 mark on my 365 self-portrait project, so I used my self-portrait as my thing:

Day 17 I wrote a love letter to my sweetie-cakes.
On Day 18 I was too busy to do anything else, so I let my 202nd self-portrait be my thing again:

Day 19 I made a bottle of hope for an assemblage I've been working on.
Day 20 (which I accidentally posted as 19) I made a bottle of love for my assemblage.
Day 21 I finished a painting that I had started the day before. It has a lot of layers of tissue paper embedded in the heart:

Day 22 I made a bottle of grace for the assemblage.
Day 23 I made a bottle of dreams for my assemblage.
On Day 24 I attached a piece of fabric to the door of the found object which is the basis for the assemblage I'm making & painted it:

Day 25 I was too stressed & busy to do anything.
Days 26 & 27 I spent covering an old ottoman with some of the same fabric I used a while ago to re-upholster a piano bench:

Day 28 I made another collage:

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