Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seen Around Midtown: Street Art

Those of you who come down to Westport for the St. Patrick's Day festivities might find yourself stumbling across some of these...

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Anonymous said...


May said...

My friend tried to leave a comment above, but Blogger wouldn't let her, so! here's what she sent me in an email:

Okay, trying this a second time. I don't even remember half of what I wrote.

I have mixed feelings regarding graffiti. A lot of the photographs you took, look like "art," to me.

I've seen some buildings around where I live, and it almost looks like they have these "installments," done on the sides of them. And they are "art," too. I mean, who would just "decide," to paint a three storey picture of Jimi Hendrix playing guitar (that's one I've seen.)

But where do you draw the line (haha) between art and not? Well, that's my issue.

You get all the taggers coming out, and they're scrawling their illegible (for me), names and/or words. You see it all over. Even if you can read it, there are spelling mistakes. Is that intentional?

You also see it in completely, unnecessary places as far as I'm concerned. Public transit is a huge one. That just makes me think in my head about the person: 'So, tell me. Just what, precisely, WAS your point in doing this?'

I saw something written on one of our Bus Stop signs a while ago. I can't remember verbatim, but it was something like: "(Public Transit Name) cocks so good."

Okay. So what's that all about? Is that "art?" Aw, hell. Maybe it all is. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!!! *laughs*

Is it limitless, though? Perhaps it is.


I agree that lots of graffiti seems pointless, like the tagging. And while I don't find those quite so beautiful or interesting, I am a person who likes to see things other people don't see. I like to watch the movement of taggers around my area, knowing where they went and if they just spent all their time on one street. I find it fascinating and to me it has a primal resonance with back when people used to paint on cave walls. And since most industrial areas are fugly as hell, I'm okay with some color splashing on it, no matter where it comes from.

patientanonymous said...

Hey, had to come back and see what you had say. That's totally, grammatically screwed, or just plain weird: "...see what you had to say." Never mind.

I think you raise a good point of actually "seeing" taggers (if that's what you meant.) You know, the Aspie literal and all of that.

Or, did you mean "seeing" in a geographical sense? Holy. This comment back is a communication nightmare! Watch it not go through again, too. Then you get the joy of another email, to post it yourself!

I can also "see" your point about contrast: colour vs. none. Ditto with some kind of freedom of self-expression in a primal manner. I had never really thought about that.

I have trouble in that area, as I am not really a visual person. It's difficult for me to imagine things in such ways, picture scenes etc... Thank you Temple Grandin for explainin' that one to me! My Aspie bean just doesn't go that way.

Alright, speaking of going that way, I've taken you on one of my godawful tangents. Again.

But you love me. So, it's okay. *grins*

May said...

hmmm... I think I mean in the geographical sense? Like I can imagine their movements from seeing where they tagged.

And yes, I love you :)

P.S. sorry for not emailing you back yet. I've been feeling anti-chatty lately.