Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inky Cat's Sock Obsession

My cats are all up in my business. When I sleep, they're there wanting to sleep on top of me; when I wake up to use the bathroom and brush my teeth, they're there wanting to sit on my lap and/or leap on my back and/or have me turn on the bathtub water for them to drink; and when I'm trying to get stuff done, they're there, begging for attention or playtime or cuddles. And sometimes, they all want to cuddle with me at once:

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I totally love them, but sometimes they drive me crazy! Currently, Inky is in a phase where he likes to get into Matt's underwear & socks, especially his socks, carry them one-by-one or two-by-two in his mouth from the bedroom into one of the other rooms in the house. Usually, he takes them to the two front rooms, but sometimes he'll take them to the kitchen or my studio.

He usually does his sock-carrying in the evening. He'll start slowly skulking around, depositing socks, and keep it up - off and on - for hours if he's in the right mood. By the time we wake up in the morning, Inky's left piles of socks everywhere that we have to gather up and put back away. But since the door of the wardrobe where Matt's socks are kept doesn't latch properly & Inky can always get back in, it's only a temporary measure.

Inky brought out a couple socks and dropped them into a bowl of water today.
Only then did he start drinking from the water. X_x

It's odd to me that he's doing this now. A couple years ago, he would do the same thing, but only with my scarf, at first. I even wrote a poem about it:

Short, sheening obsidian fur, interrupted simply by
tuxedo shirt and gloves, my small kitten bounds in-
to the room, trilling a high octave bugle-run around
the thin gray-and-mauve scarf in his mouth,
trailing proudly behind him like a string of sausages
dearly earned, instead of my winter throat-warmer.

I don't know why he loves my scarf, is driven to
search it out, to parade it from room to room so
I'm constantly surprised upon waking
to observe its seeming teleportation. When I leave
our Midtown walk-up, it is triple-wrapped around my throat,
knotted ends bobbing like an over sized bow tie.

I steel myself against the cold as I close the glass-paneled door
and march purposefully down the sidewalk.
the knifing wind cuts swiftly into me, carrying your sweet scent
(that strangely smells of clover warm in the sun)
into my nostrils. Carrying the blessing of your breath,
olfactored purr, you
stay with me through the cold - patron saint of traveling.
He stopped doing it after a while, and since we moved into this apartment, he hadn't done it at all... until a few weeks ago when he started his obsession with Matt's socks.

Does anyone else have a cat who does stuff like this?

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-Jenna- said...

My male cat carries the belts around, and lays with them. I have several sweaters/dresses/tops that have belts, and he will find ways to open up the closets, remove the belts, and put them in random places around the house.

He is the same with hair ties, and bobby pins. Those make sense to me, however, because they can be fun to bat around.

May said...


Joe Pontillo said...

You should teach Inky to "find" socks from the store and "hide" them in your living room.

May said...

Ha!! If only!... :)

drnuncheon said...

One of ours has an almost pathological need to cover the food when she's done with it. I'm not sure if that's a leftover from her time as a stray or what, but socks, towels, pantyhose, paper towels, and anything else that she can drag (including, once, a suit jacket) has been laid carefully over the food dish.

May said...

That's very cute & strange.. and probably no fun at all to clean up after!