Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 Fantasy-Filled Web Comics

Man, it is so much easier to think of things to blog with this 2x-a-week posting schedule! I finally realized that I've been reading 2 great web comics that I completely forgot to tell you about!

Sister Claire

Sister Claire, drawn and written by "Yamino" AKA Elena Barbarich, a freelance artist. Her drawing style is adorable and fun, and I'm really enjoying the story. Sister Claire was an orphan, raised by nuns, who one day received a visit from a sexy blue angel who popped out of her toilet and told Claire that she was going to have a baby.

Then, Claire's mentor is possessed by some sort of evil cat demon who attacks her and then leaves the convent, so Claire is left to learn to take care of herself with "nun-fu" training and a little extra help from a couple of twin Sisters.

It's a fun story full of whimsy and I totally love it. You should check it out from the beginning.

Namesake is a collaboration between artist Isabelle Melançon and writer Megan Lavey. Basically, the story so far involves a girl named Emma being accidentally whisked away to the Land of Oz, where everyone keeps calling her Dorothy, and where she accidentally kills a Wicked Witch.

Meanwhile, in our world, Emma's sister follows a mysterious stranger who seems to be involved in Emma's disappearance and is told that many "namesakes," people all with the same names such as Alice or Dorothy, travel to magical worlds to take part in stories that keep re-telling themselves. Since no one's ever heard of an Emma being a namesake, they have no idea where she is!

This is another story you should read from the beginning. It's well worth it!

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