Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday/Seen Around Midtown: Winter Wonderland

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Byron said...

Fun pictures, May. I like the one of you in front of the statue:)

Thanks again for fulfilling my request. I followed all of your links, too. The one about fact checking was really interesting, but kind of sad, too. (If you know what I mean.) The one about AS is so good that I'm going to show it to a friend whose brother has the condition, too.

Perhaps, most importantly, you helped me get a handle on the shooting better than anyone else.

You ROCK, little soldier!

Joe Pontillo said...

By complete coincidence, a friend of mine -- a current L.A. resident whose heart is in Seattle -- requested snow pictures from her Facebook friends today. So the extra click you're getting is hers.

May said...

Byron - Thank you! ..and You're Welcome! :) I appreciate your sharing.

Joe - Awesome! Thanks :)