Friday, January 7, 2011

Michael Garfield: Glass Chrysanthemum

Over Christmas, some of my out-of-town friends came to visit, including the incredible live painter/essayist/experimental song-writer Michael Garfield! You might remember, I've talked about him before, but if not, suffice it to say that this guy has talent just POURING out of his fingertips.

While he was here, he gave me a signed copy of his recently-released live album, "Glass Chrysanthemum," subtitled, "cyber-acoustic adventures in hyperspace."

Michael is a one-man-band. He uses sound loops to add percussion by tapping on his acoustic guitar and effects to make lots of awesome sounds come out of the strings. I've listened to it all the way through at least three times now, and it still surprises me. The songs are unpredictable explorations of sound that remind me of Pink Floyd or Mars Volta because their complexity and because of the synesthetic effects they have on my mind when I listen.

Like the sound of that?? You can download it for FREE with all of Michael's other music by clicking HERE. You can also read his blog over here. Enjoy!

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Hyperblogal said...

I like the cover.....

May said...

It's his own artwork :)

Byron said...

Hi May, I'm hoping that you'll write about the tragedy in Arizona, if you can. Though I don't know if you'd be interested in that. As a young woman, who writes well, your take might be different than all of the men's opinions I've been reading. Its bothering me a great deal & my thoughts are all a jumble.

May said...

Byron, I appreciate your request & will post something about it later today.