Friday, January 21, 2011

Feather Friday

So, as you can tell by my dead grandma's ceramic bear that now serves as my headband holder, I like accessories with feathers on them. Unfortunately for me, until this week I didn't have any feather earrings. But my awesome friend Jaime changed that!

May + Jaime = Redhead awesomeness

We hung out and painted on Sunday (?), then she pulled out her feathers and jewelry equipment, and let me go to town!

I ended up making two pairs of earrings that night:

Day 169 of my 365 Self-Portrait project - wearing both pairs

Then, we both ended up having yesterday off from work, so we got together again for more jewelry making!

I made three more pairs of feather earrings and it was way easier the second time around!

I'm totally hooked.

Will definitely have to do more of these in the future. Of course, then I might have to find a different storage method:

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