Monday, December 20, 2010

GeekPornGirl Finds the Holy Grail

Those of you who've been reading me for a while know I LOVE my menstrual cup. It makes my period stress-free in a way I didn't think was possible while being totally awesome for the environment and no harsh chemicals are introduced to my delicate cooch region.

So I was really happy to read GeekPornGirl's post "Are Menstrual Cups the Holy Grail," where she talks about why she started to use a cup, how empowering it's been for her, and how menstrual blood has the capacity to be an incredible scientific and medical resource. It is just the best post about menstrual cups I've ever read, and I think you should totally go read it too.

Here's a little nibble of it, to get you hooked:

I bought my cup at Whole Foods and put in on the shelf in the bathroom. It came with a little flowered bag and inexplicably, a “Diva” lapel pin. We joked that it was a “labial pin,” in case I liked the cup so much I was willing to get a labia piercing to flaunt it. I admit I felt a little excited, like I did as an adolescent girl with an unopened box of Kotex – each pad the size of a pound of butter – under the bathroom sink in preparation for My Big Day. I was waiting… waiting. (Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret.)
To read the rest, follow the link!

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Anonymous said...

Great article May...I'm so curious to try one now.