Monday, December 13, 2010

A Buncha Interesting Images

I am feeling SO much better today... as you can tell from my actually putting a fair amount of effort into my self-portrait for today:

This is the first time I've worn these stockings
& I move one wrong way and they're suddenly full of runs! D'oh!

I copied it off of this image from the ever-fabulous Vintage Vixen...

Who, by the way, now also runs Kitten Feathers - a Tumblr full of retro- and kitty-related awesomeness.

Speaking of awesomeness, here's s'more fabulous images my Google Reader brought to me today...

French Shoes from c.1690–1700 via The Met Museum's Daily Object

An assortment of objects on the amazing Geninne's studio wall via Geninne's Art Blog

Here's a couple sci-fi related digital artworks from Coolvibe:
Runaway by Maxim Revin

Hpnophobia by Dmitry Popov

...and various other illustrations & photos....

Botanical illustration via BibliOdyssey

"Phenom" by RWDIllustration

Blue & purple via your daily octopus

Surreal girl via An Exquisite Paradox

What have you seen today that made you happy?

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DumbBaby啞寶貝 said...

I like this blog. Just enough sexiness, cuteness and machetes. Also you look very lovely in your vintage ensemble. Lastly I just noticed your 'How to poo' guide and I think I'll go read that.

May said...

Thanks for stopping by :)