Friday, December 31, 2010

Adventures in Dress Recycling: New Year's Eve Edition!

I woke up around 6 AM this morning, fretting that I hadn't decided on an outfit for the last-minute plans I made for tonight. I couldn't fall back asleep without fixing the matter, which I turned over and over in my mind until I decided that there was only one way to go: Re-design one of my current dresses, take advantage of the wicked sale Seduzione Leggs was having for ladies who brought in their NYE outfits to get matching hosiery (since I had to go to work later anyway), and find something in my current jewelry to match.

So I pulled this dress out of the closet (you saw it before on my birthday)...

From the front

From the back

...and set to work! I cut the top layer of tulle from the bodice where the second layer of tulle slightly covered the bodice, as you can see me pointing out here:
I cut up the side seam and snipped a few strands connecting the bodice parts together across the shoulders and it was off!

Then I snipped the bows off the tulle...
...and cut the ribbon seams off as well. I was left with two ribbons and a piece of tulle.

The first ribbon I sewed onto the front of the bodice to create a focal point.

Then I scrunched up the tulle at the top where the armholes had been and tied it with another scrap.

I sewed that at the waist in the middle of the dress back and put the ribbon on top to cover that. And I was done!


I had a dress that felt far more vintage than its previous incarnation, and will be comfy for hanging out at ze bars listening & dancing to music for several hours tonight (that tulle on top was itchy!).

Close up of the back

At work, Lisa helped me pick out a pair of hose and decide on a pair of shoes. I also splurged a little and got myself a fabulous ring that seemed made just for this dress! Then I came home and decided to wear a wooden bracelet I've had for a while and some copper-y earrings I picked up the other day, but no necklace, cause I couldn't find anything that would work.

What do you think?

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Bob said...

You are the most irrepressibly CREATIVE person I know! In this instance the results were delectable. Rock on!

May said...

Thanks, Bob :)