Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Tuxedo Kitten Costume

My challenge this year with Halloween was to think of a costume I could make using stuff I already had, since I'm broke as a goat these days. I couldn't settle on anything for a while when one day, while staring at my Inky cat, I had a revelation! I had purchased a tuxedo shirt for super-cheap at Boomerang earlier this year, which, combined with my black pants & blazer would be perfect for the basis of a tuxedo kitty costume!

The basics

I sketched out my idea and figured with a few simple purchases and a little more work, I would have a very cute costume.

The general idea

I went back to Boomerang and found a pair of white lace fingerless gloves, a black bow-tie, and small black scarf, which I later rolled up and sewed together to make myself a short tail.

George thought I was showing her new toys when I brought these out for the photo.
Eventually she sat down and licked herself, distracting herself enough for me to snap this.

Next, I found a white eye mask I had from a few Halloweens back and using a Sharpie I colored the mask except for around the eyes holes, took some ribbon with wire-enforcement which I fashioned into ear shapes and then used craft glue to attach black yarn onto for the ears, and finally sewed on some pieces of waxed dental floss for whiskers.

Cat mask on the cheap!

All I had left to decide was the shoes to wear with it, but after a few moments thought, the answer was just too obvious:

And this is how it all turned out:

Holding my inspiration...
You can't see the tail in this, but it's there all the same.

Pretty nifty if I say so myself! Especially for a budget of around $10.

What are you going to be this year?

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Well Hell Michelle said...

This costume is so cute, and I'm in love with those shoes :)

May said...

Thanks! My kitty shoes are some of my absolute favorites :D

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oxxy said...

nice tuxedo :)

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