Friday, October 22, 2010

More Stray Cat Love

Since my favorite stray Ginny was given a home by our friend Rose, this little girl, whom we call Isis, has pretty much taken over our porch. She spends hours sleeping on our chair and guards the food from those she doesn't like (at least, when she's around). There are a few cats she likes/tolerates including "Inky girl" (so called cause she looks like my Inky but is a girl), "Fluffy Face, "White Cat," and, if she's sleeping, "Orange and white." [Real descriptive names, huh? ;)] The few other cats she doesn't approve of have to come by when she's off on patrol or when she's fast asleep and doesn't notice.

Isis in her usual spot

One of the other cats she liked and who shared her porch-napping time for a while, is this little girl that Matt named George, after the main character in Dead Like Me. After she'd been hanging out there for a while, Matt decided she was small enough that our cats would accept her and that we should adopt her. Me not being the type of person to deny a cat a home, I capitulated and this little cutie has been part of our family ever since.

We're slowly integrating her into the household, locking her in the bedroom for the first couple days and we still do sometimes just to give the cats a break from stressing each other out, and to make sure the big cats don't eat her kitten chow. We also lock her in there when we're out of the house and when we sleep, which means she's been keeping us up a bit, but so far we've had no cat fights and that's great! Just a bit of hissing and lots of curious butt-sniffing from my boys who mostly ignore her.

At this point Pinky & Frederick have become sleepy old men who nap together and don't do much else, but Inky is still young enough that I think if/when he and George get used to each other, they might play with one another. For the moment, though, George just gets weirded out when Inky follows her and tries to play.

George is such a sweetheart and it's been great having another lil fuzzy friend to cuddle with. A side benefit is that Inky has been extra cuddly lately as if to make sure we don't forget we exist - as if we could! In fact, he's the inspiration for my Halloween costume.

All any1 gets to see before the big day is the mask

That's right, I'm gonna be a tuxedo kitty :) Good times.

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I've never met a cat I didn't like.