Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stray Cat Love

Looks like modern art or something, right?
I have no clue how my camera glitched and made this happen.

I've been putting out food for the neighborhood cats, because there are some super cute kitties on my block that clearly don't get enough food, and that disturbs me. I've attracted many new cats to our apartment, including the sweet, scrawny ginger cat that recently decided she's in love with me.

She started out meowling, hesitant and nervous, but now she spends all day long on my porch and feels perfectly at home there. Which is fabulous because I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with her! I call her Ginny cause she's a ginger and cause Ginny Weasley is an awesome character.

She is so loving and gentle and I was excited to see the sagging belly that indicated being preggers on her, because OMG KITTENS :D The last time I got to play with a whole litter of kittens was when my roommate's cat had them way back when I lived in Pennsylvania. The next best thing to a human baby is a litter of kittens. ;)

Plus, this way I know that she's decided to here to be helped through her pregnancy and that's why she's been so loving. (Female cats get extra cuddly when they're knocked up.) I feel happy that I can help her through this, and help find homes for the kittens.

After that, I'm going to take her to the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter so she will live a safe and protected life. And if I can catch the guy who knocked her up and occasionally visits her - another ginger cat - I'll send him there too.

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Kris the Vagabond said...

Oh, so precious! Your apartment seems to have become a kitty sanctuary!

May said...

Totally! :)

The Burdened Mary said...

I love this post because:

b. You are so wonderful for taking care of her and actually being excited that she is around and pregnant.

I'm glad this was the first post I ever read by you! :D

May said...

Mary, Thanks for stopping in and for encouraging my cat lady habits! ;) Always nice to meet another cat lover!