Friday, August 20, 2010

Fantastic Short Story with Myrth Dragons

I just finished reading "Jeenome and the Dark White Day" by fellow writer and person-with-Asperger's Ryan Carter (@izmyaspieshowin). I'll tell you what I told him: "What a great story! I enjoyed it so much. Nice plot twists, magical rabbits, adventure, love and some great philosophy too. :)" (BTW by "nice" plot twists, I mean they weren't annoying like M. Night Shamalan's are...) Oh and did I forget to mention the dragons? I must've... dear me. I like Ryan's dragons cause they're more akin to Falcor in their personalities than the average dragon in a typical fantasy story.

Here's a snippet to wet your appetite:
On the far side of the room I saw her. Jeenome, my love, looking barely alive. I tip-toed over to her, scanning the room carefully to be sure no one was watching from beyond the shadows. Just as I reached her bedside, I noticed that she was laughing quietly, somewhat cheerful and happy as she usually did, but as the laugh ended, it turned dark, a loud, maniacal cackle that chilled my bones to the core.

Now I understood what was happening. By draining the myrth from joyful gnomes, the lich could sweep through the land and turn vast scores of people into undead scourge, making the Lich King’s domination swift. I had no idea that laughter was such a bastion of power in the world, holding back the blinding rage of evil. I had spent all my life not knowing that laughing mattered so much. It is no wonder that Rhea, the queen of joy herself could not accompany me. The realm of Myrth would surely be doomed if that were to happen.

Upon closer inspection, I saw many needles carelessly inserted all over Jee’s body. They were siphoning her myrth and replacing it with some necrotic green slime, the kind you see in so many seedy lairs these days. In shock of this discovery I nearly tripped and fell into a vat of the green goo. I couldn’t help but vomit a little.
You gotta click through and read it all. It's such a fun story.

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