Monday, July 5, 2010

Adventures in Dress "Recycling"

I'm feeling shaky and have a headache from eating a piss-poor lunch at Manny's. Since the last time I went there, they got beans and rice that taste as delicious as dirt. The entire meal (chile relleno) was really gross, though I've had it there several times before and always loved it. It was so gross it made me puke a little in the bathroom. When I complained about it, the bitchy manager took it off our ticket, but as she walked away she said loudly enough for me to hear that I was sick from the margarita I had... which I'd had exactly about 4 sips of. BITCH! There's nothing worse than being treated rudely by staff at a restaurant where you went expecting a nice meal but instead got one that made you vomit. So now I feel nauseated and I have a horrible, horrible headache, but I'm going to write a blog post for you anyway, because I'm that much of a giver. Now I will try to type this up without getting sick...

I went to the park with some ppl the other day...

It was HILARIOUS that these guys both wore straw hats,
'80s video game t-shirts (Mario & Pac-Man) with jeans.
You'd think they'd planned it or something,
but this was the first time they'd met!

Matt kept sticking his arm into pictures..

I was wearing a dress that I'd kinda gotten bored of.
Love my trusty parasol!
Also, notice how the dress is made of two pieces sew together @ that ruffle.
(It will be important later)

After I entertained myself for a while with swinging and watching dragonflies mating in the air in front of me....
I noticed that my dress had a big ole hole in it!

Normally, this might be distressing, but since I have been following self-proclaimed "re-fashionista" Marisa on New Dress a Day (where she records her year-long adventure to spent $365 on thrift store clothes that she daily reshapes into something hip and adorable), I was itching to take this apart and re-make it. Marisa provides step by step instructions on how she achieves the transformation, so my head was full of easy ways to take dresses apart. Check out these before and after photos:

Isn't that awesome? Doesn't it make you want to run out and buy a sewing machine and start altering things? I know it does for me, anyway. But while I don't have a sewing machine, I do have hands I can sew with, so I decided to give the ole re-making a dress thing a whirl.

Conveniently the dress was made of an upper section (with the cute straps and buttons) that had its own completed seam. The bottom layer of ruffle and additional skirt material was also separately seamed and was fairly simple to remove.
Next, I cut the under layer of material, which was keeping the dress from being sheer, off. It was attached right under the top seam, so it was easy to snip closely to it and make the tiny bit left invisible.

Then I paired it with a yellow bandeau top & jeans I had, and I suddenly had an entirely different outfit!

But I wasn't done yet! Remember how I said I wanted curtains for my art room? I figured the ruffled skirt remainder would be great for that. So the next day, I stitched the top of it to the cut edge of the previous underskirt, hoping that it would be long enough to go across the window.
Yes, I'm left handed.

But when I put it up (with push pins cause I didn't feel the need for anything too permanent), the cream section wasn't long enough, and it just looked silly.
Check out that AWESOME view...

I decided to cut it off an inch above where the ruffle ended, making the creme bit an "underskirt" once more.

Now, at least, the boring boxy look of the window is softened somewhat and I have something other than blinds right there.

All in all, I think it turned out pretty well. I got two new things out of one old one I was already bored of!

So if you want some one-of-a-kind fashion inspiration, check out New Dress a Day! I will never look at a dress the same way again.

And now I'm gonna go lie down til this headache goes away. (That could take all day, which is why I decided to go ahead and get this out of the way.) Kbai!

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Bob said...

Whoa, I never thought I could groove on "dress recycling," but you've turned it into a fun, creative and economical adventure. Good on ya!

Kim Williams said...

so creative you are!

Kris the Vagabond said...

That is so cool, I really love what you did with the dress. And I also love how you wrote the post with photographs along the way to explain the initial inspiration for the change (the hole in the dress during a day at the park) to the final product (a sexy top and home decor.) You're truly a crafty lady and a very fine blogger.

May said...

Thanks Bob, Kim and Kris for your kind comments :)

I had a fun time doing this!