Monday, June 21, 2010

Event Pics: KC Chalk & Walk

I had an exhausting, sweaty, dirty, challenging but fun weekend at the Kansas City Chalk & Walk making my Alice In Wonderland Cephalopod (which you can also see in a smaller version @ my current show).


I had just got the outline started when...

..a massive storm front moved in, blew tons of things around/away, and chased all of us away for about 2 hours.

Afterward, we all came back out from where we'd been hiding and started back over. Luckily the weather held for the rest of the weekend.

Matt helping out with the outlining.

I was tired already when we got started Sunday. I hadn't slept well and my leg muscles were aching from all the squatting-standing-squatting-standing-squatting from the day before. (SRSLY you try doing that for 3-4 hours and see how you feel.)

Thankfully, my sweetie pie Matt was there to help me both days with some of the crushing-the-chalk-in/painting-it-in (not to mention picture-taking, water-fetching and various other go-furin). We brought a mortar & pestle and ground the chalk up, mixed it with water and painted it on. I also rubbed chalk over this sometimes or sometimes rubbed in chalk first and then followed up with the "paint."

Matt was solely responsible for making the clown fish. For some reason I woke up Sunday unable to correctly draw a clown fish. When I told Matt, he stepped right up and offered to do it for me, even though he pretty much never draws and pretends he has no artistic talent. I was very grateful.

Matt also added some shading for me on what I had made the first day so that the image had greater depth and impact.

IDK who Matt Graves was... the square was sponsored by someone who did know him, but they never stopped by to tell me about him.

All done!

After I -er- we finished my picture, we walked around and saw what everyone else was doing.
Amy (above) was working next to me at the Chalk & Walk last year, but was way across the courtyard from me this year.

Nicole (above) was also one of my neighbors at last year's event and she got me into the Chalk Walk in the Historic Northeast earlier this year as well. She was also far away from me this year. I think the organizers were trying to make me meet new people or something.

I like that all three of use decided to go with the Alice in Wonderland theme (instead of the Masters or Originals, which were the other choices).

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Tony said...

Amazing WORK by you and AWESOME coverage of this event. One of many reasons you rock!!!

Radioman KC said...

I've never noticed that Tony had a taste for art, well except Exotic Art. I figured he was just falling all over himself for you because you might be Hispanic and use his new favorite word, 'Machete.'

Until I saw your coverage of the sidewalk fair. It really IS good May!

Hyperblogal said...

Very nice I prefer representational art... and these look hugely fun....

May said...

Thank you Tony, Radioman & Hyperglobal. :)

Joe Pontillo said...

This came out really great. Helen and I are both fans.

May said...

Thanks Joe & Helen!

elBryan said...

Great work; wish I could have been there. You got lots of awesome photos. :)

Byron said...

This looked like it was great fun. Just the sort of thing my wife would love. Thanks for all of the pictures, & for putting a smile on my face!

May said...

Thanks Bryan and Byron, for stopping by, reading and commenting :)

Bob said...

Fantastic! You got grit and game Girl, as well as tons of talent oozing from your pores.
No wonder you were still a bit pooped and headachy Tuesday, as we traipsed along the nature trails at Burr Oak Woods while the temperature-humidity index soared.
But here I gotta brag a bit. 'Cause I had the smarts to purchase your orginal "Alice In Wonderland Cephalopod" artwork, currently on exhibit at The Westport Coffee House. Soon she'll be beckoning from my wall, permanently.

May said...

Thanks Bob! I was quite weary from the weekend still. But it was lovely to be out and about, of course :)

I'm glad my original went to you! Can't think of someone else who would enjoy it more! :)