Friday, May 7, 2010

Vlog: Temporary Teetotaler

(Click here to see embedded video)

Once again, sorry that the camera's internal fan gets picked up by the darn microphone. I tried to talk loud enough to be heard over it, but my voice is naturally soft so I know I kinda drift in and out of hearing range.... My bad!

Also, I forgot to mention that I was also experiencing some acid reflux lately, which I feel was related to the drinking. So that's one more reason why I decided to quit for a while. My accidental saki helped confirm this hypothesis because the next day I had acid reflux but during the several days in which I hadn't drank, I hadn't been bothered by that happening.

Anyhoo, May out!

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Kim Williams said...

nice to see and hear you.

keep up the good work!

I was thinking about posting some audio blog posts... i think you've inspired me.

May said...

Hooray! I'm always happy to pass inspiration along :)

Beermo said...

Acid Reflux sux.

If you really have it and it's not just a bad case of indigestion then you need to watch what you eat or drink.

Lots of things that you consume have acid in them or they have other stuff that will cause you problems.

Here's a little list.

Milk - Acid

Fruits - Most have either potassium or acid.

Fruit drinks you might avoid or drink sparingly.
Orange juice is a killer for me along with lemonade.

Definitely all kinds of booze.

Hard liquor isn't good to me most of the time.

Certain types of beers also cause me problems.

Sweets like chocolate and any form of pre-made cakes or pies or whatever that you get at the grocery store. All the crap they put in them kills me.

I've had reflux for more than 10 years and find that if I don't get too crazy with one thing, then I'm usually alright.

Don't pound down a fifth of whiskey every night and you should be alright.

Buy some prilosec and see if it works for you. If it does work for you than if you take it more than 3 times a week yo might run into one of it's side effects so it's a good idea to also buy some anti-poopie pills as well. You won't crap your pants, it just comes out way too soft which makes for many trips to the #2 for you.

Also keep a supply of Alka-Seltzer close by.

Milk works in a pinch, but it is a very short term fix.

If you're out and about you might find that bar soda from the gun, or bitters might work.

If you feel that your tummy is not working real good all the time even if you aren't drinking or engaging in dangerous food like bananas or chocolate, yo might have that bacillus thing in there or even stomach ulcers.

Be good to your tummy and it will be good to you. Most of the time.

Eat and drink in moderation. Don't pig out every day and don't drink the hard stuff every day either.

Good Luck.

May said...

Thanks for the advice. The acid reflux, which was only happening a very small amount, went away already. It's educational to know that it's in candy and what not. I have a huge sweet tooth which probably isn't good for me.