Monday, May 24, 2010

Retro Stockings from Vintage Vixen

Edit 7/1/10: I just heard from the Vintage Vixen store. Apparently they are completely unaffiliated with the fashion blogger, though she does sell clothing occasionally. IDK how I found them since I thought I followed a link on her blog. Weird.

I have been wanting to start wearing stockings and garter belts again, but I didn't own stockings anymore (since I hadn't worn 'em for years). Locally, places that carry stockings charge a ridiculous ~$20 for them and/or carry stockings that I have NO interest in wearing: ones that have seams up the back or bows on the top. Not my thing. I was getting a little frustrated when I remembered that Vintage Vixen (above), a fashion blogger I like who wears only vintage clothing, has a store.

I headed over there and was excited to find that not only does she carry vintage stockings, many of them were on sale for the AMAZING low prices of $1-4. I ordered myself several pairs and waited eagerly for them to arrive.

They came over the weekend, giving me a chance to dress up for no good reason...except, you know, I had to try them on. Vintage Vixen has amazing style and her store reflects it. I'm very happy with them and the speedy delivery was an extra bonus.

Now I just need more excuses to dress up.

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Elizabeth Cunningham said...

What a fun post. You look great!

Anonymous said...

I think we may need more photos of you trying them on. ;o)

Anonymous said...

After seeing some of your posts on TKC, I was curious when I saw this link, so click. I like your blog & this article. :)

May said...

Thanks for stopping by :)