Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Re-upholstery 1-2-3

Man, I am TIRED from yesterday. We helped Matt's sister clean out their mom's basement and take donations to GoodWill. While we got it done quickly, I'm still pooped. On the plus side, cleaning out her basement left us with lots of loot by day's end. Including this great piano bench that used to belong to Matt's grandma who died last year:

The cats thought I needed models or something...

Which is great, except for that fabric covering the seat. Not at all my cup of tea, so I re-upholstered it this morning in 3 simple steps.

1. Remove old upholstery

I started with the push pins and the trim around the base of the seat. I thought that would be my only obstacle, but there were also some nails tacked in beneath that:

But it all came up rather quickly and easily (I just used my nails), and soon I was discovering that this was not this seat's first re-upholstering. Apparently the original seat was a blue velvet (which was very faded):

2. Prepare new upholstery

I used a nice heavy cloth I had on hand for another upholstery project a friend has in the works for me:

I ironed it, remembering from my girlhood sewing class that this step is supposedly important:

And then I used the old seat cover for a rough pattern by which to cut the material:

3. Attach new upholstery

This was just reversing what I'd done in step 1. First I tacked down the material:

Then I re-attached the trim and the push pins:

A few minutes later, I was done!

Looks pretty cute if I say so myself.

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nicely done and recorded.

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