Monday, May 3, 2010

Bill Carman's Fantastic Paintings

Bill Carman was born in Korea and raised in California. He is an artist, illustrator, and blogger who make paintings that make me squee with glee! They are silly, sinister, surreal and yet simple and often sweet. I also find it interesting how he fuses animal, human and robotic qualities in his paintings. Looking through his photo set on Flickr, I swore I was having an eye orgasm... that's possible right? And if all that wasn't awesome enough, he has tons of squidgy cephalopods lurking in his art.

See more on his website, blog or Flickr.

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bill said...

Thanks for the post May. By the way my white Siberian Husky's name is Occam after the man William.

May said...

Awesome! ^_^ Thanks for stopping by!