Monday, April 12, 2010

Support Local Agriculture (Badseed Farm)

This winter the Badseed Farmer's Market has been an awesome resource for local produce, so I'm a huge supporter of the Badseed Farm whose owners organize the market.

Because theirs is an urban farm, they have been facing problems with the City because of zoning. To help with this, I'm posting information they sent me as a supporter. So please help us/them out and keep local urban agriculture growing!

"Farmer Brooke" wrote:

For nearly 6 months, a dedicated group of community residents, farmers and gardeners have been working with the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture, the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition, the City Planning Department, and Councilman John Sharp (6th District) to create proposed changes to the current zoning ordinances which restrict the excellent benefits that urban food production has to offer. These changes will nurture and protect home gardens, community gardens, and "urban farms" like BADSEED.

On Thursday, April 8, Councilman Sharp introduced the resulting ordinance to City Council. Council members Bill Skaggs and Melba Curls and Mayor Mark Funkhouser were co-sponsors. You can find the full text of the ordinance at:

It will now go to the City Planning Commission, the Planning and Zoning Committee, and, sometime in late April, to the full council for a final vote.

I am asking for your support in getting this ordinance passed! There are several ways you can help:

1. Write a letter to your City Council Representatives and the Mayor to urge them to vote yes.

I have [written] a sample letter which you are welcome to use or revise as you wish.

  • Deb Hermann, 1st District At-Large,
  • Bill Skaggs, 1st District, (express our gratitude for his co-sponsorship of the bill!)
  • Ed Ford, 2nd District At-Large,
  • Russ Johnson, 2nd District,
  • Melba Curls, 3rd District At-Large, (express our gratitude for her co-sponsorship!)
  • Sharon Sanders-Brooks, 3rd District,
  • Beth Gottstein, 4th District, At-Large,
  • Jan Marcason, 4th District,
  • Cindy Circo, 5th District At-Large,
  • Terry Riley, 5th District,
  • Cathy Jolly, 6th District At-Large,
  • John Sharp, 6th District, (THANK HIM FOR HIS LEADERSHIP ON THIS!)
  • Mayor Mark Funkhouser, (express our gratitude for his co-sponsorship and vision on this)

2. Send this information to anyone you know within KC city limits who you believe will support these revisions. Feel free to forward this email, or create your own with these attachments.

3. Get local groups of which you are a part (churches, neighborhoods, clubs, etc.) to speak to our council representatives in support of the revisions. Both our individual support as well as group support will be helpful tools in influencing our representatives. I or someone else from the planning group would be happy to come share with your group, or equip you to do so.

4. Attend the upcoming public hearings as a supporter:

City Council Business Session: Thursday, April 15, 2010, 1:30 p.m., 10th floor, City Hall City Plan Commission: Tuesday, April 20, 2010, Exact time to be announced, but will be around 9:30 a.m, 26th floor, City Hall (Council Chambers)

Planning & Zoning Committee of the City Council: date to be announced (late April or early May)
For more information, including suggested letter and fact sheet, or if you have any questions about this process you can contact Brooke at brooke AT

Please help support our local, urban agriculture!

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just found your blog. spent a little time reading. love you Trees and Cats post. i'm more a dogs and oaks person myself. :)