Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Steampunk Magazine Cranks My Cogs

I am a new HUGE fan of Steampunk Magazine. I found it through Steampunk Workshop, which is a fabulous blog I subscribed to earlier this month. There I found out about Steampunk Magazine which is published as a magazine as well as in PDF form, available free online.

While I'm a fan of steampunk, I generally not a fan of magazines, which is why the only magazine subscriptions I have were purchased for me. Generally, magazines, even about topics I'm interested in, can't hold my interest. I tend to find the articles without much substance and all the advertising and whatnot overwhelms my eyes so I tend to see most magazines as nothing more than fodder for my ongoing collage projects.

Steampunk Magazine
is 100% not like other magazines and I am soooo in love with it! It is a beautiful mixture of intelligent scholarship and creative works including drawings, stories and poems. Not only did I read almost every single article (which NEVER happens), but I also didn't feel cheated when I did so (which RARELY happens).

I have downloaded all of the issues but so far only read through the seventh and sixth. In them I read about the Luddite movement, microstates, gender and race in steampunk fiction, many various historical figures and/or occupations or events, some great short stories about flying to the moon and air ships and much, much more.

I'm jazzed about reading all this stuff because it turns out my interests were more Steampunk than I'd realized. It's the only genre/ideology that is inclusive of :

  • my lack of faith in existing governments to do anything actually helpful to the human race or to the environment
  • my belief that our existing systems will eventually (probably sooner than later) fail us
  • my hope that we can stop making technologies that are harmful to our environment and people (instead of using technology as an excuse for creating toxic products and by-products for capitalism's sake)
  • my love of history and historical costumes
  • my ridiculous romantic side
  • my obsession with uniqueness
  • my feminism and environmentalism
  • my fierce love of society's outsiders;
  • my desire to reuse and repurpose objects
  • of course, my freakish fascination with goggles
  • and my tomboy love of "going on adventures"

Anyway, this is all my way of saying that if you are at all interested in steampunk, you should check out this magazine. It is smart and fun and heartfelt and the most impressive periodical I have come across in maybe forever.

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Jules Bowen said...

You are the most captivating blogger I have come across in maybe forever.

May said...

Aww... shucks