Friday, April 9, 2010

Bits & Bobs

Painted this on my wall last night...

The cephalopods and I want you to come to my art show tonight! Details are on Wednesday's post.

Plus! Today is your last chance to leave a comment on Monday's post to receive a free copy of my poetry ebook "Truth, Love, Blood and Bones." Which, if I say so myself, is really good. Also other ppl (the few, the brave) who have read it seem to like it too - even if they're not normally into poetry like my friend Nick.

Special Note: Stephanie, I know you already left a comment, but I can't access your email through it so please hit me up at reddvenus AT and I'll send your copy along.

And then, for no particular reason other than I think you should see them, here are my current favorite music videos:
Marina and the Diamonds "Mowgli's Road"

(Click to see embedded video)

Little Boots "Remedy"

(Click to see embedded video)

Meg "Precious" [It gets REALLY good half-way in]

(Click to see embedded video)

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1 comment:

Jules Bowen said...

I. Dig. Cephalopods.