Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cat House at the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter

I went with my lovely friend Rose to her regular volunteer shift Monday at the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter. She volunteers in the Cat House where it was mostly older cats who will probably live there life at the no-kill shelter, since people normally want to adopt kittens. And, randomly enough, there were three kittens there that day as a mama and her babies had just been found starving in the woods.

They were all so cute and cuddly but sooo skinny! Especially the poor mama cat.

We went up to the second story to the rooms Rose is in charge of cleaning. The smaller rooms had grilles on the doors so that cats could look out into the hallway.

The cats were overjoyed to see Rose and they were extremely friendly with me too. It boggled my mind that such loving, sweet cats would probably never get adopted. How could anyone resist their charms? After we petted and cleaned, it was feeding time.

Then we moved to the room with the FIV kitties. We let them all out to play for a while, but before we did, the ones in their cages were being ridiculously adorable about wanting to get petted. One of them, Raven especially amused me:

(Click to see embedded video)

They were equally ridiculous about being let out, especially Duchess who decided to try and catch the ceiling fan:

(Click to see embedded video)

Rose with the FIV kitties

We did the same in this room: loved, cleaned and fed the kittehs and then we popped into some of the other rooms to see (and pet) all the other sweeties that live in the Cat House.

With a few rare exceptions they were all incredibly loving, and some even tried to grab your hand back to keep you petting them.
So precious!

Learn more about Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter on their website.

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*kristy* said...

I volunteer there on Friday nights, do adoptions on Saturdays and foster kittens. Thank you for posting such a wonderful article! Our kitties definitely have it good!