Monday, March 22, 2010

All You Need Is Love

If I had any doubt in my mind that Matt and I are perfect for one another (and I didn't), then this time of "trials and tribulations" we're going through now would have definitely erased them.

I am amazed and grateful for how gracefully we're going through this together. We help calm each other's fears, we're talking and being affectionate even more than ever before - even dancing around all silly for one another to make us laugh - and we're so wrapped up in love that even with all this annoying, stressful-as-hell shit going down that we seem unassailable.

Never before have I been in a relationship that going through tough times made me and my partner closer. It's always led to crankiness, lashing out, and drawing away from one another.

So it's crazy-awesome that he and I spend so much time making out like teenagers, being affectionate and generally full of squishy-gooey love stuff.

It's such a blessing and a relief to be with someone I feel totally suited for, instead of trying to "make things work" with someone who has no interest in my inner self or who is too self-involved to see anything beyond their own nose. What a dope I was putting so much energy and effort into relationships that clearly weren't what I wanted or needed.

Like I always believed it to would, real love makes everything easier, better, brighter.

Even being broke and jobless.

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Stacey K said...

ya'll are just so darn cute together. I'm happy you have each other.

JOCOeveryman said...

kinda reminds of my post today about coffee. Nice pic though.

Sriprae said...

Really enjoyed your post.
Loving and having someone like that is a beautiful thing. Glad you both have each other.