Friday, February 5, 2010

Rapunzel Re-Revisited

So Jen Blatherson took issue with my Rapunzel story, saying that she still relied on a male character to help her out. I asked her if she could come up with a different version and she totally did!

Her story starts:

At a young age, a small girl named Rapunzel was locked away in a tower. She had committed no crime besides being young, fair, and innocent. Her Guardian, an old, shrewish and secretive woman, put Rapunzel in the top most room of the tall tower which had no doors and only one tiny window through which Rapunzel watched the world pass her by. Her only reprieve was when her Guardian came to visit her. The old woman would stand at the base of the tower and call “Rapunzel, Rapenzel, let your hair down!” In answer Rapunzel would uncoil her most valuable asset, her long straight hair. She would unwind the yards-long twist that bound the top of her head until it reached the ground and the old woman would climb up and into the window.

The old woman, her Guardian, would visit her every few days, bringing food and any other amenities that Rapunzel might need. For the first few years Rapunzel was just happy for a chance to talk to her, to talk to another person, to hear about the world outside. However, as time went by she became more and more restless. She yearned for a chance to see the towns and people that she only glimpsed from her window. One day she got up the courage to ask her Guardian if she could go out, just for a while. The old woman was furious. She provided Rapunzel with everything she might need and kept her safe, and more importantly, innocent, up in her high tower. Once her temper had cooled she felt badly for how she had scolded her dear, sweet, naïve Rapunzel. So when she next came to visit she brought with her a lovely loom for Rapunzel to learn to weave on, so that the girl would keep occupied and not dream of the outside.
To read the rest, click here. I loved the way she ended it!

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