Monday, February 8, 2010

A New Arrangement

One of the things I've been doing with my time since I've been unemployed (going on one month now... eek!) has been cleaning, uncluttering, reorganizing and rearranging my apartment. And rearranging and rearranging... It's a shotgun apartment, meaning it's set up like a big hallway with walls to divide the space into rooms, and I've had the darndest time coming up with a pleasing layout. And I definitely wasn't able to find a good way to make the space work well for entertaining.

So when my friend Neathasha (pronounced just like “Natasha”) called me up one day and told me she'd had a dream about coming over and rearranging my furniture, I was like, “heck, yes woman!” Neathasha is great... we became friends because we draw nipples the same way and and then it turned out we had a bunch more in common too. She's also an artist, so I was excited to get her creative take on our stupid apartment.

Yesterday, she came over and took a look at all I had throughout my apartment, and turned stuff around in the first two rooms (basically, all the entertaining space) into a beautiful arrangement that makes it inviting in a way it's never been. I can't believe how nice it looks!

Room 1

Room 2

(I'd show you the "before" pictures, but we forgot to take any until we were already moving stuff, so they're more like "during" pictures... and therefore not very good reference).

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