Monday, January 11, 2010

La Roux Is Bowie with a Hair Horn

Update: Don't miss Gone Mild's review of my poem "Birds on the Family Tree". Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

UK singer La Roux is fabulous, and not just because she has a hair horn that rivals Fry's:

Her voice is freaking awesome. So high, ethereal and fragile. I love that she counters that with crazy Bowie-like showmanship. Oh and her androgyny is fucking hot.

(Click here to see embedded video)

(Click to see embedded video)

She's got a couple other fun videos on her YouTube channel and you can also listen more at her MySpace page.

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stefany said...

Oh hey, Elly Jackson. Yeah, I kind of want to date her. I love girls who look like boys trying to look like girls.

Joe Pontillo said...

Okay, you hooked me. I just bought "Bulletproof"

May said...

woo HOO!

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