Friday, January 15, 2010

Anthropomorphized Animal Comic Books [Review]

Image from Grandville

Read a couple of neato comic books this week that are both about animals living like humans did in the past, which was kind of a random coincidence.

Grandville by Bryan Talbot
My summary of this on Goodreads was:
A fun book that is a bit Holmes & Watson, a bit Wind in the Willows, a bit V for Vendetta, a bit steampunk, a bit furry. Oh, and it's in an alternative history where Napoleon won. Neat, right?
Grandville was a blast to read. I was incredibly impressed with both the art, story and the world Talbot created for his badger and rat heroes to adventure in. The story starts in England and moves to France, where a string of suspect suicides leads our stalwart heroes into an international plot to start a war. It was more violent than it really needed to be, but otherwise, I have no complaints!

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Peterson
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 was also a story about a plot to start a war, oddly enough. The only anthropomorphized animals in this story were the mice. As you can see above, the snake and other predators (the only other speies we see) are shown as your typical animalistic creatures. In that way it was a bit like Watership Down.

This setting was like feudal, medieval Europe with the same level of technology and civilization. The story centers on the Mouse Guard that protects the towns and villages from predators and other threats and the evil plot to overturn the peaceful mouse society with a militaristic one.

The imagery was vivid, all the characters were believeable and largely endearing (not the bad guys, obviously). The story's simplicity was strengthened by stunning and rich images. I'm looking forward to reading the sequal.

Both books were very enjoyable, quick reads. I definitely recommend them.


On an un-related note, please enjoy this review of my poetry book at Devious Bloggery.

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Helby said...

I LOVE Mouse Guard. I've read Fall, and started reading Winter the last time I was at Barnes & Noble. I think afterwhile, you forget you're reading about mice.

Joe Pontillo said...

Surely you intended to say "I'm looking forward to reading the SQUEAKQUEL."