Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Destroying All Humans Isn't the Answer

Jezebel had an article earlier this week about plants having feelings and whether or not that makes vegetarians worse than carnivorse. While I strongly believe plants have feelings (if you don't, you should read The Secret Life of Plants where an entire series of experiments shows otherwise), I don't think that makes people who eat veggies bad.

On the other hand, I get seriously irritated when people end up articles about food, the way this one was, by saying stuff like this:

The truth is, the best thing human beings could do for (almost) every other species on Earth would be to cease to exist. Anytime we choose to keep ourselves alive at the expense of other living things — which we do all the time, consciously or not — we sacrifice a certain amount of our moral purity. This is something people on both sides of the debate about food politics have to accept — that vegetarians will never be entirely morally perfect, and that this lack of perfection doesn't invalidate what they're trying to do. (source)
I mean, seriously, that is some BULLSHIT. Humans evolved like all the other species on this planet to work together, to be the check and balances for one another. That's why the top predators keep their prey herds healthy, etc., etc. The thought that humans are somehow separate from this cycle is so ridiculous, so conceited and so moronic that it drives me nuts.

Plants may not feel great about dying all the time, but I seriously doubt they have a problem being used FOR THE PURPOSES THEY EVOLVED FOR. It's not like we're going up to a cloud and trying to eat it, which would be pointless and confusing for the cloud, I'm sure. This is stuff that mysterious path of evolution created to feed the world.

I think it's just a bad idea to have such a whacked-out view of the world and how it works that we think that removing humans would be the best thing for plants. Trees and other plants often work at their peak efficiency ONLY when humans are tending them. We evolved these crazy thumbs and fingers for reasons beyond scratching our own asses. We can care for plants and animals in ways they could never do for themselves.

We aren't a separate part of the system, whether or not we want to believe we are. We have a place and a purpose here that I sincerely believe the animals and plants need us to fulfill.

Mass genocide or suicide of the human race is not anywhere near being the solution to our problems.


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Hyperblogal said...

Life feeds on life. No matter what one believes that fundamental fact will never change.

Blessed said...

Trees and other plants often work at their peak efficiency ONLY when humans are tending them.

***Trees and other plants existed WAY before the first human. They'll be here long after the last human is gone.

I understand the upset at the way the piece was written but really is it such a big deal for humans not to be here? There are how many other planets without humans?

Everything passes-millions of lifeforms come and go-just ask any scientist monitoring the various lifeforms on this planet.

But take heart with every technological/environmental/genetic advance perhaps there will come a way to change the cycle.

The earth is in a constant process of change. What is an absolute now may not be the case in a thousand years.

May said...

I'm not saying life wouldn't continue without humans, I'm saying it's not logical to assume that it would make life on Earth perfect somehow.

Blessed said...

Well as you weren't here when the world was without humans you can't (and I can't) say what "perfect"is.

I was just merely saying: It might not be so bad and that advances will probably change current life cycles as they have done in the past(which is a logical progression of life).

That's all. Sorry.

May said...

No worries. I just get all fired up...