Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Siblings and the Holidays

My friend @yourdailyjoe shared an article with me about sibling rivalry and why siblings can drive you nuts that got me thinking about my crazy childhood and why I rather like my siblings. While I always had a level of combat with my siblings and they're the reason why I'm so freaking scrappy and enjoy a good fight or wrestle, I always also considered them my compatriots in the war against the parents (AKA the battle to get out of childhood alive and not too wounded) and therefore felt a level of trust and safety around them that wasn't always reciprocated, but all in all we made each other's lives somewhat less miserable (usually).

These days, even though some of my siblings find me ....uh... odd, it is also weirdly comforting to be around them and to know that

  • they know all the shit I've gone though (to a certain point) more than anyone and don't judge me for it;
  • we all went through some fucked up stuff and ended up pretty freaking okay; and
  • we're smart and strong enough not to let what happened to us determine our happiness for the rest of our lives.
It's bittersweet to be around them, especially when we're still always dealing with how our parents drive us freaking crazy, but it's something that makes me aware of just how good my life is now... beyond the wildest dreams of my childhood and definitely beyond anything I expected as an adult.

Anyway, it's one of the things I'm grateful for this time of year: having all the brothers and sisters that I do... especially when it comes to family gatherings. The more of them that are around the less I have to worry about my parents paying attention to me, which is always stressful.

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