Friday, December 18, 2009

Robyn: Ridiculous Pop Princess

Robyn is cracking me up. She is so ridiculous, I can't help but giggle and that makes me a happier person. Tiny chicks with huge attitudes are fabulous. And her Tank Girl-esque hair do is pretty darn cute too. This is her self-description as heard on her self-titled album:

You cannot stop this. You cannot escape it and you cannot turn it off. So, I’d appreciate your kind consideration in this matter, Sir or Mam, would you please turn it the FUCK UP.

I present to you: the queen of queen bees, phoenix from the ashes risen. World record holder with a score of 2 GAZILLION in Tetris, two time recipient of the Nobel prize for Super-Foxiest female EVER, and wartime consigliore to the Costa Nostra.

She’s the founder and CEO of Konichiwa Records. The most decorated professional on the streets, with a perfect track record since kindergarten when she used to whup schoolboy ass.

In this world of tension, pressure and pain, she’s known for her wisdom, compassion and relentless determination in the quest to GET PAID.

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