Monday, December 7, 2009

My Conservation Project: Update 2

If you'll remember, I've been given my grandmother's trunk and spoon collection, both needing some fixing up! Thus far, I've only worked on the trunk, which you last saw cleaned and sanded. Since then I primed it and made it a gross shade of gray.

At this point I was totally unsure of how to proceed. I thought it would be easy to decide on a color, but it was the hardest part of the entire project. I spent hours gazing at color samples and ended up hating everything I even temporarily chose. I was kind of freaking out as I had already primed the trunk and needed to paint the darn thing within 2 weeks of doing that! Then, I was chatting with my friend @jacaphene about my indecision and she sent me a picture of a steamer trunk that became my inspiration for updating my grandma's trunk:

Neat, right?

I used acrylic copper paint to paint panels in the top of the trunk and the little tin stars that decorate it.

Next, I used an anti-rust paint from Sherwin Williams for the body of the trunk (which is a combination of wood and metal) that I got for only $9 thanks to my fiance working there. Here it is with a single coat:

And here's the finished trunk:
I got it done in time for my family to see and admire it on Thanksgiving. I was happy they all liked it since I feel it's still communal property even though it's residing in my apartment at the present.

Next up: I will have to tackle the god-awful grime on my grandma's spoons.

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