Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Gusto Lounge

The new Gusto Lounge isn't someplace I thought I'd be visiting. I found their sign proclaiming they are "the bar that made Midtown famous!" so ridiculous and obviously not true that I wasn't going to patronize them. Then it turned out that some of our dearest friends went to high school with the two guys who bought it and so we all went there Monday night.

My buddy Tommy and one of Gusto's owners, Steve House

My friend Ruth quoted Ink's recent article on them before we got there, saying it was like "your uncle's man cave." And it was a very accurate description. Loads of retro furniture and kitsch made the Gusto Lounge amusing and comfy. My favorite was the old airline seats.

Resident Stevil and my fiance Matt being manly in the man cave

On the whole though, I dislike the way the downstairs is laid out (but I didn't like that when it was the Lava Room either). It's too oppressive in the bar area with all the darkness and the great big art thing hanging down from the bar and it's totally the opposite in the other room where there is pool but almost no seats there. Also the breeze coming in from the cracked window was unpleasant.

The antlers were one of my fave decorations.

The upstairs, called "Top Shelf" was much more my style, but sadly my camera batteries died before we made it up there. It was Monday night so there were a couple of couples salsa dancing all impressive like, the bar has a boatload of weird but awesomely so drinks, and the layout was more open and the furniture was also retro, but in a cute way instead of a vaguely trashy-on-purpose way.

All in all, I had a fun time and I would definitely go there again.

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aimee said...

it looks awesome! too bad my lounge days are long over - i'm probably asleep before it's even open!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the upstairs a bunch as well. Nice run down. Makes me want to go there this weekend even though I swore I'd stay in.

Johnathon said...

LOL i love you

Anonymous said...

I'm there a lot (the owners & bartenders are all lovely people)--and I've come to the conclusion that I actually kind of like cramped bars. And apparently they have poetry/open mike nights on Wednesdays, so I'll have to check that out some time.

May said...

Me too! That sounds neato.

martin said...

i am not positive, but i think that the "bar that made midtown famous" thing is a reference to schlitz's 60's ad campaign. "the BEER that made MILWAUKEE famous". i dont think its a statement about the bars reputation, but is in line with the 60's schlitz theme. hope that helps.

May said...

That makes it slightly less ridiculous