Monday, November 16, 2009

Ender's Game the Comic Is a Total Suckfest

Ender's Game is an amazing book. The series (and the Shadow series) just continued to boggle my mind. But the fucking comic sucks.

My fiance's been reading it for a while (he reads them on his computer and I can never find the files I'm looking for on there... all I ever find is pron) but I finally was looking over his shoulder this weekend and was horrified at how awful it was. The story, dialogue and pretty much everything only makes sense if you've read the novel already. The faces the little kid's keep making look like they were drawn for people 30 years older and shrunk down to fit their heads. And there's zero emotion, which is like 90% of what the damn book was about.

The drawing style overall is completely unimpressive, including the cop-out depiction of the battle room, which looks like they stole images from the Hubble and put them behind floaty kids. Woopie doo. ::eyeroll::

I am sad that Card's awesome vision got such pathetic treatment.

Anyone else seen this? What do you think?

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1 comment:

Eric said...

Haven't seen the comics, but friggin LOVED the book (as you know). They are supposedly making a video game based on the battle room, so maybe that will be cool (if not totally played).

Thanks for the update also, so I don't waste money on this piece of crap.