Monday, November 9, 2009

Dharma Gallery Now Open in Westport

This weekend I was pleasantly surprised to find an open sign outside of the building right across from the post office on the alley side (that's 3854 Central). It's a building that's been empty for quite a while and we've been waiting for something new to show up there ever since we saw the signs of someone cleaning and remodeling it.

We went inside and there was finally something to tell us the name: Dharma Gallery. Not exactly a regular gallery though, more like a vintage store/art gallery mashup. That was neat enough but after chatting with one of the owners we found out that they also have plans for a community garden and farmer's market in their parking lot area. HALLELUJAH! I'm so excited! I've wanted a community garden for a couple years now.

You should go check them out and say hello... but don't buy that retro black hat with the veil... I'm coming back for that!


JOCOeveryman said...

I didn't know you have Aspberger's. I have a relative with it. He is still pretty young so it is a good testimony to see individuals like you as adults. Gives me hope for him. Know what I mean?

May said...

I do.