Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Lil Bro!

Me, my lil bro and my lil sister @ my big sister's wedding,
one week before I moved back to MO from Seattle (over 2 years ago)

Today is my favorite (and only) little brother's birthday. He's 24!

It seems like just yesterday I was refusing to wake up for what I thought was going to be another middle of the night star-watching expedition when my dad asked me if I wanted to meet my new brother. I told him it could wait until morning and went back to sleep. Lol!

Harry was born at home like me and my little sister so when I did finally wake up, I went to the bathroom first and found my dad playing with a placenta in a bowl of blood... and not just any bowl, the mixing bowl for our mixer. Nice, right? I don't think I was brave enough to touch it myself, but I was certainly fascinated by watching the membrane swirl around and around in the blood.

When I finally made it into my parents' bedroom where my mom was still in bed, my sweet little blue-eyed brother was there waiting to steal my heart! The minute I looked at him I knew that out of all my other siblings, this one was "mine." And either because of that or just because we've always been remarkably similar, my little bro and I have remained close even when we were estranged from the rest of our family. He's my twin separated by four years and two months.

Happy birthday little bro! I'll always have your back.

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