Monday, October 12, 2009

Auctions = Bad Idea

So, no more auctions. That shit wasn't working for me. Although, it was a complete waste since I was able to raise $65, thanks to the generous patronage of @hoochimama and @xonassis who won the last auction and purchased a drawing outright, respectively.

To try another tact, I've decided to start taking commissions. That means, I'll draw/paint whatever you want (assuming I'm physically capable and you like how it looks) and you'll pay for whatever materials I need and some sort of hourly fee. I'm thinking of using a sliding scale for the hourly rate from $5 to $10 but nothing's set in stone.

@ this year's Crown Center Chalk & Walk

So if you're interested in owning one of my originals and you want me to draw something for you, or just re-draw a picture of something you like, whatever! I'm totally open.

Drop me a line and we'll chat if you like: reddvenus AT gmail DOT com.

Feel free to browse my gallery in DeviantArt (the ones you can't see unless you're signed in are the naughty ones, p.s.) for examples of my work. There's a fairly wide range... within a given set of parameters, of course.


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