Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Synchronicity and the Hummingbird Moth

So, I went to the Kauffman Gardens and wrote a guest post for Kris on The Yellow Brick Road Trip all about it - including this crazy ass insect we saw:

It looked even weirder in real life than it did in the photos later, but we were glad that we at least got proof of this totally alien-looking shrimp-dragonfly-hummingbird-thing and have enjoyed shocking people with its oddity.

Flashforward couple weeks later and I'm passing the time in Borders after being witness to a bondage/flogging/humiliation scene, waiting for the Dom and sub to finish the screwing bit of the evening and I run across a rack of $1 books. I stop to look, pick up Gardens of the Imagination: A Literary Anthology and start paging through it. The selections are either interesting or culturally significant and the accompanying illustrations by Peter Malone are beautiful and extremely evokative so I'm all excited by my find and I get it.

After I got home that evening, I was flipping through parts of the book I'd missed before and all of a sudden I was shocked and amazed to stumble across an illustration of the exact same crazy ass insect, which, according to the accompanying text, is called a hummingbird moth, which makes a lot of sense because it moved exactly like a hummingbird, which is one of the reasons it looked so freaking WEIRD.

So totally random I couldn't not share. Thankyouverymuch.

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1 comment:

Helby said...

*sigh* I love nature
Great picture by the way!