Friday, September 11, 2009

Swine Flu Lobbyists Apparently Won

I wrote a guest post for my friend Kris' blog The Yellow Brick Road Trip. Please take a moment to check it out.

Has anyone else noticed that suddenly no on in the media is leading off "swine flu" stories by saying "swine flu"? Sure, they'll mention the phrase somewhere in the article as if by way of defining what this H1N1 is, but now it's all "H1N1 this" and "H1N1 that" so I'm guessing the pork lobbyists successfully won even tho no one has said a word about it ever since they dropped the more swiney language.

Of course, I'm not worried about swine flu OR H1N1 since the Gardasil vaccine so heavily marketed to young girls is more potentially life-threatening to more people. Not that you'll ever hear anything about THAT on the news.

Stupid media.

*kicks them*

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-Jenna- said...

I'm not sure what you were implying by this post, but I'm trying to multi-task right now so I'm not being a very effective reader.

Anyways, I stacked in my newscast today a story our farm director wrote. Basically the pork industry says the decision by the discoverers of H1N1 to call it "swine flu," cost producers over 40 dollars for every hog they have raised, since April. Now, national media sources are being urged to quit using the "swine flu" term in their reports.

We had a local hog producer go to Washington D.C. last week to testify on how this has affected their summer sales. They say pork prices have only recovered a nominal amount since plummeting in April over fear of H1N1.

Tony said...

Happy B-Day Gurl!!!