Monday, August 24, 2009

LOVE ME Photo Essay Shows Pain of Poverty, Abuse

Via Jezebel, I became aware of the LOVE ME photo essay by Maisie Crow. Combining issues of poverty, abuse and gender, LOVE ME tells the story of 17 year old August (not her real name) in Ohio. The images themselves are incredibly powerful, and are made even more so by the chilling commentary that shows the difficulty and brutality of August's life, even on the photos that, at first glance, seem simple and apparently peaceful:

August sits between the legs of a family member
who attempted to rape her four years ago.

August shows bruises left from a neighbor grabbing her.

August said she wasn't hurting her dog by doing this.

August and her ex-boyfriend fight in her parents' kitchen.

August smoking with her mother.
She began smoking young after an uncle gave her first cigarette.

All images are copyrighted by Maisie Crow. These captions are my own, based off of hers.
You can see all the images of the continuing photo project on Maisie's website.

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