Monday, June 22, 2009

MC Frontalot's Nerdcore

So Keith, aka coderigger, took me and my baby with him to see Nerdcore Rising about MC Frontalot a while ago. I knew about nerdcore rap, but had limited exposure. I knew MC Chris because of Sealab 2021, and Optimus Ryme and MC Hawking because of ze boyfriend, and that was about it.

Turns out MC Frontalot is the one who coined the "nerdcore" term, which describes "a genre of hip hop music characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds, though it can appeal to others as well," according to Wikipedia.

After seeing the documentary about MC Frontalot's first tour (the afore mentioned Nerdcore Rising), I eventually remembered to visit Frontalot's website and download his music. Now he's one of Matt's favorite rappers so he keeps playing him over and over and now I've got MC Frontalot stuck in my head so hard that any old thing can make me start mentally rapping his songs.

So it's a good thing I really like him too or otherwise this would suck ass. My favorite songs include such numbers as:

It Is Pitch Dark

Which includes the lyrics:
You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
If this predicament seems particularly cruel,
consider whose fault it could be:
not a torch or a match in your inventory. (Source)

Charity Case

The sound on that is kind of crappy, but his dancing cracks me up. Click here for a good recording.

Selected lyrics:
It’s true:
Frontalot’s destitute.
I need you
to buy my CD so I could buy food.

I been a charity case to my fan base for years:
in tears at my show, “somebody buy me ride home.”
Now I’ve got something I can barter for services.
Don’t let the major labels get word of this.
I’m girderless, free falling towards riches;
going to sell so many CDs that I can afford britches,
and a shirt, and a hat to go with it.

Bizarro Genius Baby

Selected lyrics:
Bizarro genius baby: at first I was elated, but eventually I grew concerned.
Bizarro genius baby: you prove my genes are Grade A, but what of when tables turn?

She had to settle for the Fields Medal but didn’t settle well,
all the while cursing the indiscretions of Madame Nobel,
and so well tuckered out was she at this point that she napped,
arose with a whole symphony composed in Bb.
“See dad?” Yes dear, it’ll go with the other ones on the fridge,
in between the two Puccinis you translated & abridged,
just above ‘I love you dad’ in macaroni/glitter
and the 37 villanelles to mom (but I ain’t bitter).


Selected lyrics:

Step One:
Wiggle, wobble, wriggle,
coddle your young,
intensify your ennui,
then before you get done,
put your left foot over to the left if you dare,
then pretend you got scared,
then point at your hair.

Step Two:
Elevate everything up,
increase any numbers that you’re in control of,
then Skip to The Lou,
then stand stock still,
then illustrate for everyone your ultimate skill.

I Heart Fags

Selected lyrics:
I love fags because I am a San Franciscan.
If you’re dissing on my homos
then this censure’s what you’re risking
(I’m insisting on containing my temper but listen up):
you shouldn’t ought to be intolerant about who queers like to fuck! Fags are great. They’ve got hundreds of uses.
You can see them on TV explaining what puce is.

..and last but not least, Goth Girls

Selected lyrics:
‘cause I can’t talk to goth girls. I just stare and stammer: my name is MC Frimmer Frammer. And damn her if she giggles. Damn her double if she laughs. Goth girls like it when you double-damn it twice fast.

Goth girls, goth girls: they’re the girls that go
to see the nerdcore rapper with the geeked out flow.
At the show you can see the black lace on parade.
I met a hundred dozen of ‘em but I ain’t got laid.

This last song teleports me straight back to college in Pennsylvania where all of the nerds I was friends with up there were overwhelmingly goth or goth-inclined. Including the one chick I lost my lezzie virginity to and a lesbian that she later had a sub/domme relationship with... and who even later ended up being the first lesbian I had sexual relations with. Good times...

And then I get all distracted thinking about how much fun it is to lick girls...

MMmm... vagina!

The picture from Madonna's book Sex

Which brings me back to MC Frontalot cuz he's all like: "Some day I’ll be both revered & passé, like Madonna."

Go check him out.

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Keith Sader said...

Glad I could convert you to the dork-side

Viagra without a prescription said...

Frontal Mc is the most stunning band I've ever heard, thanks for post their videos.