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Black Inventors and their Inventions

When I saw a book titled Black Inventors, I knew I had to check it out. Think about the inventors you can name and consider how many of them are white. The only inventor of color I could think of was George Washington Carver, so I knew my worldview of inventors had to be skewed. So, in order to help us all unskew our view of inventors as white guys, I present you with some of the book's most interesting black inventors, as well as all the inventors listed from Kansas and Missouri:

1769 - Jamaican Dugald Clark patented a method to use steam power for sugar milling.

1821 - Thomas Jennings of Richmond, Virginia patented the dry cleaning technique of dry scouring clothes.

1834 - Jo Anderson co-invented the McCormick reaping machine.

1841 - Norbert Rillieux patented the sugar refining process.

1864 - Kansan William Douglass patented a self-binding harvester band twister, carrier chain, and several machine gun improvements.

1882 - Lewis Latimer discovered the filament that extends the life of a light bulb.

1884 - Jan Matzeliger patented shoe making devices that made the US world leader in shoe production.

1884 - Grant T. and brother Lyates Woods patented electrical dynamos, including the "third rail" for trains.

1889 - Missourian Daniel Johnson (a Kansas City resident, by the way) patented a lawn mower attachment, grass receivers for lawn mowers and a rotary dining table.

1909 - David Unaipon, an Australian Aborigine, patented an improvement for sheep shears.

1913 - Missourian Walter Majors patented nine items including a hair dryer, coin-controlled taxicab controller, monitor-controlling devices for taxis, an oil stove, an anti-skid device, a mimeograph attachment, a machine for treating hair and scalp, and more!

1919 - South African Santie Sabalala (while living in Ohio) patented a car brake.

1921 - Trinidadian Hubert Julian patented an airplane safety appliance.

1922 - Kansan John Arthur Johnson patented two theft-preventing devices for vehicles and a monkey wrench.

1939 - Bertha Berman patented the tooth brush holder, fitted bed sheet construction and a table cover.

1941 - Dr. Percy Lavon Julian created medicine, paints, lecithin and fire extinguishing foams out of soybeans.

1942 - Frederick Jones patented refrigerated units for trains, ships, planes and buses, allowing for the transportation of fruits, vegetables, frozen goods and medical supplies worldwide.

1943 - Norbert Rillieux of New Orleans revolutionized the sugar industry by inventing devices that convert sugar cane, beat and corn into sugar crystals.

1965 - Betsy Ancker-Johnson won patents for signal generators using semiconductor material in magnetic and electric fields, a radiant energy optical detector amplifier signal generator, solid state storage, switching devices and more.

1977 - Lonnie Johnson of Alabama invented the Super Soaker toy, patenting over 150 related items over the next 30 years.

1977 - Missourian Neil Thomas patented 42 chemical compounds for use in chemical treatment, demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, drilling fluids and water treating chemicals.

1984 - Bettye Greene developed many chemical processes related to latex paint.

1986 - Dosho Shifferaw of Ethiopia invented the Blowflex.

1995 - Missiourian Dannette Connor-Ward patented methods for soybean transformation and regeneration, sugar beet regeneration and transformation and efficiency soybean transformation protocol.

1996 - Sylvia Adae-Amoakoh patented three photographic developing compositions.

2001 - Christine Nare patented a formula to make alcoholic beverages from cereals and fruits.

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