Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Bloody Women's Issue Post

A long time ago in a Twitterverse far, far away, I mentioned I'd purchased something to "green" my period. That was the "Moon Cup Kit" that includes two reusable pantyliners.

I didn't talk about it for a long time after that because when I got the kit, the instructions were to use it once during a light day (after using one's regular protection during that period) so I triedmy moon cup on a day when my flow was so light I wouldn't even regularly use a single item to deal with it. Maybe it was because of that, or maybe because a week of tampons always leaves my cunny sore, but either way, it felt really, horribly uncomfortable.

Two months later I was feeling major eco-guilt (most women use 11000 tampons during their lifetime) and had noticed a tip about insertion of the moon cup I hadn't read before, so I geared up to try again. This time I used it on my first and heaviest days and the little twisting after insertion tip made the fit just right! I was amazed at how easily I got used to the feeling and how much easier it was on my poor cunny tissues than tampons.

It was a disconcerting at first, seeing all the blood when I dumped the cup, but since I've been using it regularly for many months now, I've noticed some changes:

  • I don't bleed as heavily as I used to. I've read that the chemicals in tampons can make you bleed more and it seems to be true, because my periods are getting lighter and shorter - my last one was only 3 days long and my only "heavy" flow day was no where near as bad as it used to be.
  • I am totally fascinated now with how my menstrual blood looks and feels and moves. You can swish it around in the cup and see different types of blood, one thicker and one thinner, and my blood no longer smells like iron now that I'm a veggetarian, but it smells like flowers. How cool is that?
  • I'm much more easy going and playful during my period AND the incredibly painful, life-interrupting cramps and back spasms I used to get are no longer plaguing me. Huzzah!

Oh, and another awesome thing about using the moon cup is that you can use your blood (diluted with some water) and make a "tea" that is GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGREAT! for houseplants.
Free plant food created from your very own body. Now that is awesome.

Find out more about the Moon Cup over here.

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Chimpotle said...

Wow. I'm done for the day.

Kristin Maun said...

This post makes me think of Anne Sexton's "Menstruation at Forty"
(from her 1966 collection "Live or Die," which won the Pulitzer Prize.) That is very much a compliment. :)

kcmeesha said...

everyone knows that menstruation attracts bears, I would be real careful if I was you.
you grossed out Chimpo himself, theat a feat.

Tony said...

My God Woman. Amazing.

Applecart T. said...

Remind me next time I slice my finger while cutting food that I should run over and feed Seymour … (PS, on point # "reduced flow," it might correlate, but you might just be getting older / changing again anyway — there ain't nothing consistent about this body thing, … PPS, congrats on disconcerting the masses … though, hmm, body-fluid photos on blogs are kind-of, well, you know … what if people posted pics of "look what I ate yesterday" excrement, would that be over the line?)

May said...

Applecart, When I was researching cups before I used them, I wanted to know what it actually was like. So I tried to provide that for others. Everyone being a pussy about a normal bodily process that produces nothing more disgusting than blood is just a bonus.

Stacey K said...

Applecart - somewhere there probably exists a "look what I ate yesterday" website.

everyone else - stop reading at this point in the comment if you were bothered by May's post. I'm going to be graphic.

May - I'm thinking of getting one of those. My biggest worry is that it won't handle clots well. After I hit the early stages of menopause I get some pretty impressive clots. I also have a pretty heavy flow for 2 days and then a light day and then it's gone. On the heavy days I have tampon failure (super+ size) at least twice a day unless I change every 1 1/2 hours. That combined with the clots that sneak past the tampons just makes for a messy, uncomfortable period.

Since I already don't have anything to lose - might as well give the cup a try. Where do I get one and do you know anyone who has used them with very heavy periods?

May said...

Stacey, You can buy the cup from or You can probably find other places by googling "menstrual cup" if you don't like either of those.

A friend of mine also has really extreme heavy flow periods where she goes through the heavy tampons. She is switching to a cup herself since she thinks it will handle the volume of liquid better than tampons - and from my experience I'm inclined to agree.

A cup can hold significantly more liquid than a tampon and it has never once leaked on me - even when the heavier parts of my vaginal lining are being shed and they tend to be thick and globby and used to get past my tampons too.

May said...

Oh, and Applecart I forgot to address your comment about my flow getting lighter not being related. I am VERY interested in my flow and I have been noticing the changes in it from diet, lifestyle for years. The cup is definitely the only thing in my life that has changed in any way dramatically enough to affect my flow at this time. I wouldn't say something if I wasn't positive about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your experience went well with the Moon Cup!

I sneaked a Lunette in, and so far am very happy with it. I've been using for discharge lately, and I've been pantiliner free for a while now. I'm actually looking forward to my period this month, so I can give it a try.

Thanks for being another open-minded woman as well. I'm so tired of trying to convince other women that menstrual cups aren't disgusting.

Thanks for the read, too. =]

Applecart T. said...

fun times girl talk. : )
the more you know the more you know.
can't know things without sharing them.
still wish i could be a veggie.
or swim. : )
(or share personal details with strangers, but i can't : (

Kromeheart said...

Stacey K; Menstrual cups handle clots really well and they are great for heavy flow. Tampons often can't absorb clots because there is more too them than just fluid. Because the cup isn't absorbing anything, just catching, it can handle whatever your body throws at it.
DivaCups are on sale at right now, %25 off regular price.

Jessica said...

Well, I know I am a bit late posting to this blog, but I feel it is my right as a woman to say something.

I think its funny how all the negative comments are from people who don't even have the slightest clue what a menstrual period feels like or how a heavy flow can be so dibilitating that you have to stay home because otherwise you will bleed through your clothes.

To the guys who were positive, I commend you. It takes a real man to stop and try to understand what we are feeling, especially during menstruation. You will make great husbands and fathers someday, if you aren't already.

As for my take on the moon cup and re-useable pads, I am going to try one of them, because I do think it will be better for me.

I cannot use tampons, because I will get a headache and lightheaded from the chemicals in the tampons. I wasn't always that way, but over time I developed a sensitivity to them. The first time this happened, I actually fainted. I thought it was toxic shock syndrome, but my doctor did tests and couldn't find anything wrong with me. After stopping use of tampons altogether, I was fine, no more symptoms. Once in a while I have tried to use them and I get sick everytime.

Natural seems to be the best way to go for me. I will keep you posted.

Kudos, Miss May.

pom. said...

woo hoo!! so I came upon this totally randomly but I KNOW I was supposed to after my morning period blog and our twittering...I ran across THIS via chimpo's blog in a totally unrelated foray. ha.