Friday, May 22, 2009

What Makes a Feminist?

What makes a woman a feminist is something I've been trying to pin down for myself ever since Camille Paglia (whom I used to respect) went insane during the presidential election and tried to tell us all that Palin was a feminist. My mind instantly revolted against her saying that, knowing that the crazy religious gals are NOT in favor of women's rights (being too indoctrinated to understand they're being royally screwed over most of the time) but I wasn't able to define the essential thing that a woman must have to be a feminist... until now.

In my opinion, a woman cannot be a feminist unless she recognizes that people are treated differently based on gender and she wants that to change.

I think this is the very least state that must exist for a woman to be a feminist. I could add a much longer list of things I think feminists should do, but that's a whole different ball of wax.

During the presidential campaign, Palin said that she could see no difference between how girls and boys are treated. Her basis? She was raised to enjoy "masculine" activities like watching sports. That does not fit my definition of a feminist. Being blind to gender difference in the world because you believe it didn't happen in your childhood does not a feminist make.

Ladies? Is my definition of feminism: wrong, limiting, other...? What say you?

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Anonymous said...

Not a lady here... but you must add the words "for women" to your definition. Otherwise you simply have part of the definition of a humanist.

Of course there are differences and inequalities between the genders, but they are not all against women - men have some things going against them as well.

-Jenna- said...

I think your definition is spot on in recognizing the basic foundation of what is a feminist.